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Meaningful Use - The Patient Care Summary

Everyone is aware that the government passed regulations that were enacted last year regarding access to health care. The short name for this legislation is the Accountable Care Act. The initial rule book surrounding this Act is over 900 pages long. Many healthcare workers refer to a segment of these rules that relate to using an electronic medical record as “Meaningful Use”. The goal of this segment is to improve quality of healthcare by creating electronic medical records that can follow some standard guidelines, can measure how treatments affect health, and can supply education to the patient to improve their compliance and understanding of their healthcare treatment plan. Another way to explain it is to say that electronic medical records will be used in a meaningful way to improve the quality of patient’s healthcare.

At OAA, we have been using an electronic medical record for many years. Our current system allows us to view patient’s records from any computer that has internet access. We have robust security and follow all the HIPAA guidelines when accessing patient records. This allows for better continuity of care and improved communication between physician teams, therapists, and staff. It also provides for better communication with our patients.

One of the components of meaningful use is that 50% of the patients seen for certain types of office visits be given access to a summary of the care that they received within 3 days of their office visit. This component also provides for better communication with our patients. The information in this patient care summary includes medications, allergies, past medical and social history, diagnosis for that office visit, tests that were ordered, and other planned treatment. At OAA, we have a secure web portal that allows patients to view this information if it is available for their appointment type. At OAA’s front desk, you can pick up instructions on how to access this secure portal. The instructions state…


Please use the web address above to register for our patient portal. You may be able to view appointment information and the doctor’s summary of your visit. X-rays, MRI’s and other patient information is not available at this time

At OAA, we believe in using the latest technology to assist our patients to better health. Using electronic medical records in a meaningful way is just one piece of the total treatment package.

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A graduate of Cornell Medical College, Dr. Stephen Falatyn completed two spine fellowships, the first at Thomas Jefferson University and the second at Temple University. His practice specializes in complex reconstructions for spinal deformities and minimally invasive spinal surgery, focusing on the treatment of both pediatric and adult scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, spinal cord compression from disc herniations, and spinal stenosis.

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