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Kevin K. Anbari, M.D., M.B.A.
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Physician Spotlight

Dr. Anbari specializes in hip and knee replacements. He is an expert in the latest techniques, including the anterior approach for hip replacements, partial knee replacements including partial knee replacements, patient-specific instrumentation for knee replacement and complex revision surgery.  He is also co-Medical Director of Joint Replacement at Lehigh Valley Health Network-Tilghman Campus.

For more information on hip and knee surgery, including X-rays, patient testimonials, and videos, please visit Dr. Anbari's website on hip and knee replacement anteriorhipdoc.com.

Dr. Anbari has taught other surgeons about hip and knee techniques, including the anterior approach for hip replacement. He has run SMART labs for teaching this procedure to other doctors and operating room staff. He has also been on the design team for a knee replacement.

Hip Replacement: Patients with hip arthritis, dysplasia, avascular necrosis and other conditions can have disabling pain that interferes with their quality of life.  When conservative therapy fails, hip replacement has provided reliable outstanding pain relief to millions of patients since it was invented.  The procedure has been continually refined and improved since then, to improve the function of the new hip, hasten the recovery, and increase the longevity.  With the direct anterior hip approach, the recovery for this procedure can be much faster, returning patients to their daily lives much more quickly than most people think.

The Direct Anterior Hip Approach: Dr. Anbari is one of the few surgeons currently performing this procedure in the Lehigh Valley.  The purpose of this approach is primarily to improve patient recovery and allow a quicker return to everyday life.  Dr. Anbari has performed several hundred of these anterior approach hip procedures since 2011.  The direct anterior approach is an elegant procedure that allows the surgeon to place the components accurately and with minimal muscular trauma, as has been documented in orthopaedic journals.  This procedure has the promise of faster recovery, quicker return to activity, and more positive experience for the patient. Check out local coverage HERE and learn more at http://www.hipandpelvis.com/patient_education/totalhip/intro.html

Knee Replacement: Dr. Anbari performs this procedure more commonly than any other, primarily because knee arthritis is very common in our patients.  This is performed using the latest techniques with state of the art prostheses.  Surgeons have learned significant insights into what makes knee replacement successful and now this procedure can offer excellent relief of pain and return to everyday activities.  Dr. Anbari is an expert in the latest techniques including minimally invasive techniques and partial knee replacement.

Partial knee replacement is appropriate for patients who have arthritis (cartilage damage) in one of the three compartments of the knee (medial, lateral, or patellar) and provides a less invasive option with much quicker recovery.  Again, only an evaluation by the surgeon and a discussion with the patient can determine if this is an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.  For more information, see http://www.biomet.com/patients/oxford.cfm.

Hip and Knee Revision: Some hip and knee replacements over time may need additional surgeries, especially ones that were put in many years ago with older prostheses.  Reasons for this include wearing out of the plastic liner, instability, and loosening.  Not many surgeons take on these difficult cases.  Dr. Anbari treats many patients who need revision surgeries on their hip or knee replacements.  OAA Orthopaedic Specialists is a referral center and patients from far distances come to OAA for specialized treatment and complex surgery.  Some of our most satisfied patients are ones who have had these revision surgeries.

Non-operative care: Patients in the initial stages of hip or knee arthritis can benefit from physical therapy, medications, nutritional supplements, injections and other therapies that Dr. Anbari offers at OAA.  OAA has experienced physical therapists and a warm water pool that is ideal for water therapy as well if that is what the patient desires.  Dr. Anbari also offers injections for the knee including viscosupplementation ("lubrication" injections or "rooster comb" injections) such as Euflexxa, Synvisc, etc.

Dr. Anbari prides himself on being a true patient advocate, and his guiding principle is to always put his patients’ interests and well-being first. While he has been exposed extensively to the newest trends in joint replacement, he is careful about explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages of any procedure to his patients.  Dr. Anbari is always happy to answer his patients’ questions and address their concerns. He derives the most satisfaction from witnessing the positive effect that joint replacement can have on their quality of life.

Dr. Anbari is a fellow of the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  He is on the committee that authors examination questions for orthopaedic surgeons in the field of hip and knee replacement. He has published numerous research articles and book chapters in leading national publications. Read one of Dr. Anbari's articles and visit his profile on arthritis-health.com.

Read what current patients have to say about Dr. Anbari on VitalsHealth Grades, Healthy You Magazine and from Frank, OAA Patient Ambassador.

Kevin K. Anbari, M.D., M.B.A.
Kevin K. Anbari, M.D., M.B.A.


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