BOD POD Body Composition Assessments

January 01, 2017

OAA Orthopaedic Specialists’ Allentown office is the only facility in the region with a COSMED BOD POD – a machine that most accurately measures and tracks body fat and lean mass using patented air displacement technology. This machine enables anyone that is interested in learning about their ratio of body fat to lean mass to get an accurate reading.  
Why get a BOD POD assessment? BodPod
  • Assists in monitoring the effectiveness of fitness and nutrition programs
  • Aids in tracking weight loss and muscle mass progressions
  • Helps to improve health, performance, and overall quality of life
  • Provides the most accurate body composition reading
Assessments are $75, and all proceeds benefit the OAA Sports Medicine Foundation – a non-profit organization that provides medical education to sports medicine professionals. To schedule an assessment, or for any questions, please call 610-973-6200.