Doctor Talsania Volunteers with The Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation

May 02, 2018

When not spending time seeing patients state-side, you will often see Jay Talsania, M.D. of the OAA Hand Institute doing his best to make a difference in the world. This past April, Dr. Talsania, volunteered his time with The Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation (GHHF), a nonprofit that delivers specialized hand care to Guatemalans with congenital hand conditions, burns and traumatic injuries. This nine-day trip marked his tenth visit to the country with GHHF. Doctor Talsania was part of a team of hand surgeons, hand therapists, nurses, anesthesiologists, and non-medical volunteers from across the United States and Canada.

On this mission, more than 150 children were screened over the course of a long 13-hour day and the surgeons conducted 52 operations over the course of six days. For many of the children, this was a free, life-changing surgery. Several children underwent bilateral procedures with as many as four surgeons operating on a single child at once.

GHHF conducts many community outreach projects and over the years has built stoves, latrines, and a six-room school in Chichoy Alto, a small village that is made up of approximately 200 families. Upon arrival this year, Dr. Talsania and the foundation’s team of volunteers were greeted by the residents of this village with a parade and firecrackers to show their appreciation.  


In addition to providing medical relief, Dr. Talsania and his wife, Diana, brought with them more than 300 pairs of shoes for the children in this village, collected from his patients and colleagues.


Learn more about The Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation, Dr. Jay Talsania, or schedule an appointment with one of our physicians from the OAA Hand Institute.  To see more pictures from Dr. Talsania’s trip to Chichoy Alto, visit his Facebook page.