Dr. Corba First in Region to Use Latest Spinal Cord Stimulator Technology

February 07, 2018

Dr. Robert Corba of OAA’s Spine and Interventional Pain Management Institute recently became the first physician in the region to use the latest spinal cord stimulator technology to improve the quality of life for one of his patients with chronic pain.
For some patients that do not see relief with more conservative treatment options, a spinal cord stimulator can be an effective treatment option for conditions such as chronic back pain and sciatica. A spinal cord stimulator is an implantable neuromodulation device that sends electrical signals to select areas of the spinal cord to help relieve pain and shut down painful impulses.
If someone can benefit from a spinal cord stimulator, a small implanted pulse generator and thin wires, known as leads, are placed into the body. The leads deliver tiny pulses to the nerves that mask pain signals traveling to the brain. In other words, spinal cord stimulators can mask the pain signals that come from your lower back or legs and keep them from reaching your brain.
Dr. Corba was the first physician in the northeast (PA, NJ, MD, NY, DE) to use a percutaneous spinal cord stimulator lead with sixteen contacts. This lead was placed using a technologically advanced introduction device called an Entrada needle. “The lead has a pigtail end, and therefore does not fit through the traditional needle. The split pigtail end has the potential to allow for better programming and improved coverage of the area of your pain. This new technology allows for precise pain targeting at multiple neural targets, and for the patient, this means more spinal coverage and a better chance at successfully managing chronic pain. Most importantly, this technology is completely reversible if necessary,” Dr. Corba shared.
As a fellowship-trained pain management physician, Dr. Corba strives to help his patients overcome their acute and chronic pain and return them to functional activity. As an ongoing part of this goal, Dr. Corba is constantly staying up to date with the latest treatment options and resources.
To learn more about spinal cord stimulators as a treatment option for chronic pain, make an appointment with Dr. Corba or another OAA physician, or visit controlyourpain.com