National Nurse Practitioner Week

October 31, 2019

National Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) Week is held this year from November 10th – 16th, and we’re celebrating our amazing CRNP Scarlet Lichtenwalner, and all the CRNPs providing superior quality, patient-centered care across the country. Scarlet is part of OAA’s Pain Management Team and has dedicated her career to helping patients improve their quality of life and daily functionality. Learn more about Scarlet and the role of a Nurse Practitioner in this Question & Answer below.

What does a Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) do?
A Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) provides direct care to patients with acute and chronic conditions. CRNPs prescribe medication and therapies, order interventional therapies, order or perform diagnostic testing, diagnose and treat patients, and educate patients and families regarding wellness. Specifically, at OAA, I see both new and established Pain Management patients.

Why did you choose Pain Management as your specialty?
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to specialize in Pain Management. Honestly, I believe it is more of a “calling” than a decision. Pain Management is always evolving. I enjoy learning new techniques and modalities and then passing this information to patients so that they can have an improved quality of life.

What motivates you each day?
Practicing in a specialty that I love is motivation to always do my best for each patient. Getting to know each patient, listening to their stories, meeting their families, and discovering what their goals of treatments are, is essential in developing the best treatment plan for each patient. I love practicing at OAA where I can provide excellent, quality care. Improved patient outcomes are great motivation. When a patient says, “You gave me my life back”, that is my motivation.

We are so thankful for Scarlet’s passion and determination to help each patient at OAA. Read more about Scarlet Lichtenwalner of OAA’s Pain Management Specialty and schedule an appointment today by calling 610-973-6200 or filling out our “Request an Appointment” form.