OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Diane

May 01, 2017

Meet Diane – a retired educator and an avid world traveler. Prior to her retirement, Diane was a German Diane in Tuscanyteacher in the Parkland School District for 34 years. During her time as a teacher, Diane had the opportunity to lead her first group of students to Germany and Austria in 1998. Ever since that trip she has had wanderlust, traveling to China and throughout Europe.
Knowing that she had a desire to travel, Diane wasn’t going to let arthritis hold her back and decided to act on the arthritic knee pain that she dealt with over the years. “My family doctor recommended that I see Dr. Pollice when my knee pain increased and told me that Dr. Pollice was one of the best joint replacement surgeons in the field,” Diane said.  
Dr. Paul Pollice is one of two total joint surgeons that practice at OAA’s Keblish Total Joint Institute. Both Dr. Pollice and his partner, Dr. Kevin Anbari, specialize in knee and hip replacements, and over the years, have earned themselves a strong reputation in the region. As a fellowship trained total joint surgeon, Dr. Pollice is committed to the patient experience and provides a compassionate and individualized approach for every patient – a noble commitment considering he performs approximately 600 joint replacement surgeries annually.
In 2011, Diane had her first total knee replacement. “At the time of my first knee replacement, I was newly retired and had already fallen in love with traveling. I also began working as an ambassador for EF Educational Tours and mentored teachers in eastern Pennsylvania who were going on their first tours with students,” Diane recalled.
“My interactions with Dr. Pollice and his staff were very positive and when the time came for my first knee replacement, everything went according to plan. However, one year later I developed an infection. At that time, I was very concerned, but Dr. Pollice explained the situation to me, laid out a plan, and together we got through a revision.”
Dr. Pollice offered these insights in regards to Diane’s infection: “With major surgery, there is always a certain degree of unavoidable and inherent risk. Out of all the people that undergo a knee replacement, Diane’s Dr. Paul Pollicesituation happens to fewer than 1%. As surgeons, we take extreme caution to prevent these unfortunate events, but I stand by my patients and ensure that we work through the rarity together.”
“Dr. Pollice and his staff were with me every step of the way. The concern shown for me was truly similar to what one would expect from a family member. There were always encouraging words and reassurances that all would be well if I followed the doctor's and the physical therapists' instructions. During the process of the revision, I certainly did have moments of concern, but with the care of Dr. Pollice, his staff, and my husband, we had a wonderful outcome,” Diane recalled.
Several years had passed since Diane’s first knee replacement, and the resulting revision, but when the arthritis in her other knee become more advanced she knew just whom to call. “Of course, I went back to Dr. Pollice for that operation also.”
For those suffering from arthritic knee pain, Diane, someone who underwent two total knee replacements and revisional surgery, offers this advice: “Go for it. Even though I needed a revision, I would still have done this entire process over again because I can still remember what the pain felt like before my knees were replaced. I would probably be walking with a cane or a walker by now if I hadn’t elected to have the procedures.”
“Since having my knees replaced, there have been years where I traveled to Europe five times per year. Before my knee replacements, the pain was so bad that I thought I would be unable to continue any future trips,” Diane shared. Diane is still associated with EF Educational Tours and Go Ahead Tours, both of which help keep her on the move! “Thanks to Dr. Pollice I will be going on an Oktoberfest tour through the Alps, a tour of Italy, a vacation in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California, a tour of Dubai and Oman, and a pilgrimage through Portugal, Spain, and France…all in the next year and a half,” Diane elaborated.
Diane and her husband at Stonehenge.

Outside of the benefits of traveling, Diane is also enjoying her life without knee pain with her family. “I am able to play with my three grandsons and we recently traveled to New York City to celebrate our son’s wedding. In my spare time, I enjoy walking and gardening with my husband. Life is good, and I intend to continue to enjoy my life and stay active for the years to come,” Diane described.
“Without the work of Dr. Pollice none of these trips would even be possible. Thank you, Dr. Pollice, I couldn’t have done it without you!”