OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Tom

September 01, 2017

Meet Tom – a huge Philadelphia and Parkland High School sports fan. In his free time, you can find Tom at the bowling alley, reading, or spending time with his family. In fact, a family trip to Disney World with his grandchildren was his ultimate motivation for wanting to do something about his arthritic hip pain.
Tom at IronPigs game. 
Tom and his wife have been patients of OAA Orthopaedic Specialists in the past, but when Tom asked his primary care doctor for a recommendation for his hip pain, his doctor shared Dr. Kevin Anbari’s name. Now, after a successful hip replacement surgery, Tom is very thankful for that recommendation.
Dr. Kevin Anbari is a fellowship-trained joint replacement specialist that devotes his entire practice to hip and knee replacements. “I first saw Dr. Anbari for my hip in June 2016. At my first appointment and during other follow up appointments Dr. Anbari told me that hip replacement surgery is elective, and that it was ultimately my decision to make. Despite my wife wanting me to have the operation sooner than later, I waited until the pain progressed further,” Tom shared. 
Flash forward to April 2017; Tom had enough of his hip pain and underwent surgery. “I had surgery on April 25th and went home the following day. I used a walker for a week, but I never had a surgical procedure done before where I did not have a bit of pain until this one,” Tom elaborated. Tom’s wife also shared “it was amazing how good he seemed to feel after the operation. During his recovery Tom was very diligent with his exercises, but he did not like the compression stockings he had to wear to help with blood circulation,” Mrs. Olson shared as she was laughing out loud.  
When asked about his recovery Tom reflected and said, “I really enjoyed the one on one and personalized care of in-home therapy. It was nice having therapy with the same person and having them know me and my progress firsthand. I feel as though this experience was better than outpatient therapy visits I have had in the past. In that setting, I had a different therapist each visit.” 
Dr. Anbari uses a surgical technique known as the anterior approach to hip replacement. This technique is a less invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery that provides the potential for less pain, faster recovery, and improved mobility after surgery because the muscle tissues are spared during the surgical Dr. Kevin Anbariprocedure. This technique allows the surgeon to work between muscles and tissues without detaching them from the hip or thighbones.
When asked if Tom was aware of the anterior approach or actively sought out a surgeon that uses this technique, Tom answered, “No, I consider it dumb luck being referred to Dr. Anbari. There can’t be anyone better than him or his technique. Plus, the incision is beautiful and much smaller than I expected.”
Now that Tom had his surgery and is free of hip pain he looks forward to gardening, walking more frequently, and hopes to become the three-time league bowling champion. He is particularly excited for his family trip to Disney World, and traveling with his daughter who is a physician in the Midwest. “I am also thankful that I can play with my granddaughters on the floor,” Tom said with a smile.
“When my other hip that is also arthritic progresses in pain, I will have that one done with no worries. I know exactly how it’ll be and what to expect. My advice to people that are considering a hip replacement would be don’t hesitate, and don’t put it off. Get a doctor’s opinion, and if they think it’ll help – do it,” Tom shared. “Just make sure Dr. Anbari does the operation,” Tom shared with another smile. 
For Dr. Anbari, patients like Tom are the reason he chose a career in orthopaedics and joint replacement surgery. “I chose a career in orthopaedics because of the vast improvement our patients experience from our care. Hip and knee replacements are overall some of the most beneficial surgeries in all of medicine, and it's a pleasure to witness the improvements we can make in our patients' ability to live pain-free, work, play sports, and enjoy their activities with loved ones,” Dr. Anbari shared. 

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