OAA Physicians Meet with Governor

September 01, 2017

Dr. Robert Corba of OAA’s Spine Center of Excellence and Dr. Robert Palumbo of OAA’s Sports Medicine Institute were recent members of a physicians’ discussion group with Governor Tom Wolf in Philadelphia.
The discussion focused on narcotics abuse in the wake of what many consider to be an opioid epidemic in the United States. In addition to narcotics, Governor Wolf was also interested in physicians’ perspectives on other Dr. Corba and Governor Wolfhighly debated healthcare topics. The discussion included conversation about how government regulations impact the doctor-patient relationship, the role of the federal government in healthcare, and how legislation at the federal level impacts healthcare quality and delivery at the state level.
As two proponents for a sustainable healthcare model that focuses on the doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Corba and Dr. Palumbo were happy to represent OAA Orthopaedic Specialists and provide their insights and perspectives on healthcare from the state and national levels.
When asked about the experience Dr. Palumbo shared, “Governor Wolf was very attentive. He spent at least 15-20 minutes talking to Dr. Corba and I. Obviously Dr. Corba had a lot of information about the opioid crisis as it relates to his pain management practice, and he also has significant experience with federal legislation because of his work in Washington as part of the Physicians’ Council for Healthcare Policy. I found it refreshing that Governor Wolf admitted that he was a new comer to government but he was obviously willing to listen and learn. Governor Wolf also encouraged us to keep in contact with him and his staff – he really seems to care about healthcare and how it relates to the people of Pennsylvania.”