Amy Creitz, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Specialist In:

  • Spine / Back / Neck
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Originally from Tamaqua, PA, Amy attended The Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree.

"I decided to become a PA at the age of 15 after a near death experience with a family member,” says Amy.  “That experience led me in the direction of medicine.  I then spent 2 years volunteering in a hospital rotating through departments until I found myself with two wonderful PAs who took me under their wing and inspired me to become a midlevel practitioner.”

“I love the multi-specialty practice of the Spine Center of Excellence, and the ease with which we can provide top-notch care in a timely fashion for patients with multiple medical issues.”

When asked what she likes best about her job, Amy says, “What I enjoy most is the smile on a patient’s face when they return postoperatively and you know you have made a difference in their quality of life.”

When not helping patients, “I enjoy every moment I spend with my son, Grayson,” says Amy. “Being a mother is the greatest and most rewarding job in the world. We enjoy summers at the beach and winters on the mountain. It’s the coolest!”