Kevin Taber, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Specialist In:

  • Hip / Pelvis
  • Knee
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    After receiving the most insensitive care and lack of compassion by a doctor in the Scranton area my neighbor told me about OAA. I called and explained how much pain I was in and I received an appointment for the following day @ 8:00 am. I was seen almost immediately. After x-rays and an examination by P.A Kevin Taber, who easily recognized my pain, an MRI was scheduled for 10:30 and I was seen by Dr. Falatyn at 1:45. I was told I had a moderate herniated disc (L5 Si) and was putting pressure on the nerve that went all the way down my leg causing the most unimaginable pain. He scheduled me for surgery in the same week, and it went absolutely great. I am virtually pain free after the surgery. I and my family are overwhelmed by the most professional and compassionate care from OAA. A most heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Falatyn, P.A. Kevin Taber, and the whole staff at OAA. I didn't think care like this existed anymore.

    – Kevin