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What Are Orthobiologics Treatments?

Now is an exciting time to be an orthopedic physician as more and more innovative methods become available to help patient...


4 Facts You Should Know About Tendonitis

Tendons the strong, fibrous tissues that connect your muscles to your bones are a vital element of your physiology.


What Does a Podiatrist Do? A Guide to Podiatry Services

Looking for a podiatrist near you? OAA has a team of board-certified podiatrists, and a Foot and Ankle Surgery team who sp...


What Does “Fellowship-Trained” Mean? Explaining Your Orthopedist’s Qualifications

Here's what it takes to become a fellowship-trained or board-certified physician.


Preparing for Preseason: How to Avoid Injuries After A Year Off the Field

Jumping back into former workout routines after long months of spending time off is one of the easiest ways to injure you...


The Foot of the Matter: Treating Your Foot and Ankle Injuries

Here is some useful information regarding treatment for foot and ankle injuries and prevention tips to avoid them.


Top 3 Work Injuries to Watch Out For On the Job

Our Work Injury Center is dedicated to helping both workers and employers navigate the world of workers’ compensation.


Did I Break My Finger? How to Spot a Finger Fracture

At OAA Orthopedic Specialists, our board-certified, fellowship trained hand and upper extremity specialists treat all typ...