While the board-certified, fellowship trained physicians at OAA Orthopedic Specialists are committed to keeping treatment as conservative and minimally-invasive as possible, some patients do end up requiring total or partial joint replacement surgery in order to find the full, effective, long-term relief they need. That being the case, our team of orthopedic surgeons is always looking to stay on the cutting edge of their field, implementing new technology that allows us to perform the safest, most successful joint replacement surgeries possible.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Mako SmartRobotics technology is now available at OAA’s affiliated Surgery Center of Allentown to be used during total and partial knee replacement surgery, as well as total hip replacement surgery. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting addition to our facility and how it enhances our orthopedic surgical capabilities:

Why is Mako SmartRobotics So Exciting?

Making the decision to undergo knee or hip replacement surgery is no small feat, and we know when you do make that choice, you’re placing a great deal of confidence in your surgeon to complete your procedure successfully without complications. Mako SmartRobotics technology is designed to assist surgeons in performing more accurate, less invasive replacement procedures in these areas. From enhanced CT scanning to precise robotics that guide your surgeon during your procedure, Mako will help us ensure that your outcomes reflect your individual needs, whether that means preserving your soft tissue or saving healthy bone.

If you’re a fan of data like we are, the trial results of Mako SmartRobotics are exciting as well: a single-surgeon study of 30 patients was held comparing the outcomes of patients who underwent conventional total knee replacement surgery with those of patients whose surgeons utilized Mako Total Knee with Triathlon. The results? Mako SmartRobotics performed, with Mako patients showing significantly less bone and soft tissue damage than those who underwent traditional surgery.

How Does Mako SmartRobotics Work?

Mako SmartRobotics utilizes three key components to improve patient outcomes during total knee, partial knee and total hip replacement surgeries:

  • 3D CT-Based Planning: A staple of orthopedic surgery, a CT (computer tomography) scan allows your surgeon to see your bones during an exam by controlling the x-ray, collecting data, and producing an image. Mako SmartRobotics employs a 3D CT scan to give your surgeon a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your musculoskeletal system with data that will allow them to plan your surgery in detail.
  • AccuStop Haptic Technology: This amazing technology directly connects your surgeon’s hands to the computer and simulates the sensation of touch. AccuStop will guide your surgeon to cut precisely as planned for your procedure, helping us minimize damage to bone and soft tissue.   
  • Insightful Data Analytics: The data provided before, during, and after each procedure is available for our team of orthopedists to review, helping us to continuously learn, improve, and stay on the cutting-edge.

All of these capabilities are rolled into one single platform specifically designed to improve the outcome of your total knee, total hip or partial knee replacement surgery.

How Will Mako Help You in the Long Run?

The improvements to the way we perform surgery made possible by Mako SmartRobotics are exciting enough, but what about after your procedure? At OAA, we don’t consider your “outcome” the way you feel the moment you leave the operating room: we care deeply about your recovery, and your restoration to full functionality is our true priority. That’s why it excites us to say that Mako will help us improve your recovery period just as it will help us improve your surgery. The results of another comparative study suggest fantastic results. Mako Partial Knee patients demonstrated: 

  • Reduced postoperative pain
  • Decreased requirement of painkillers
  • Shorter time to straighten and raise the affected leg
  • Decreased time in physical therapy
  • Improved flexion in the knee at the time of discharge
  • Reduced average time in the hospital by nearly 30 hours

At the end of the day, technology like Mako SmartRobotics excites us because of the improvements it allows us to make for our patients. The highly-trained, experienced and patient-focused specialists at Surgery Center of Allentown are dedicated to providing the least invasive, most affordable, and most effective procedures possible. Our specialists work with joints every day, giving you peace of mind beyond that provided by your general orthopedic practitioner.

If your knee pain or hip pain is detracting from your quality of life, don’t wait to have your exam for fear of a painful, invasive procedure. At OAA, we’ll work alongside you to help you find the relief you need using every technology at our disposal. If you’re ready to start living pain-free, schedule an appointment with us today.