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Christopher Manion, headshot

Christopher Manion, DC

Chiropractic Care

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Christopher Manion, headshot

Christopher Manion, DC

Specialties: Chiropractic Care

Christopher Manion, DC - Chiropractic Doctor

Specializing in Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Care

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How did you become interested in medicine and when did you decide to become a chiropractor?

Wrestling in college, weightlifting, playing football and basically being physically active throughout my life put tremendous stress on my body. When my back finally had reached its limit, I had trouble standing up straight, and it was a chiropractor who helped me heal and return to functioning at my best. That experience planted a seed for me. I saw chiropractic as a way to remain active and help others deal with the physical injuries in life that can sometimes be debilitating.

What are common conditions you treat?

Many of the issues I see are related to the back and neck, but the hips, sacroiliac joints, and shoulders are also fairly common in my practice. Working with the athletes at Delaware Valley University, Roxey Ballet, and throughout my travels with marathons, triathlons, adventure races and ultras, I have gained an understanding of a variety of injuries and stressors placed on the body, frequently upper and lower body injuries, how to treat them, and in the best cases how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

What do you like best about working with your patients?

My favorite experience is seeing the look on peoples’ faces after they get up and their pain is gone or greatly diminished. That never gets old for me. I enjoy being a go to person for people in need of relief. Having been in their shoes myself, I can relate to how consuming it can be dealing with pain.

What do you like best about working for OAA?

Being part of a great team. Having played and been around sports most of my life, I appreciate seeing and being a part of great teamwork. Everyone here is working toward making this the best experience for the patient. As a chiropractor, being around providers from all backgrounds coming together to offer their patients multifaceted solutions is a unique experience. OAA is an excellent healthcare example of 'the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.'  

How did you come to live and work in the Lehigh Valley?

A little over 20 years ago I began working as a chiropractor in the Lehigh Valley as an associate for Dr. Paul Braadt. I developed my own practice and following over the years and found the Lehigh Valley was a great fit for me personally.

If you were not a chiropractor, what would you be doing?

After losing my nephew Travis in the war in Iraq, I have a deep appreciation for those who serve. Their courage and selflessness often go with too little recognition. If I were not doing chiropractic, I would like to think I would be more involved in the Travis Manion Foundation's mission to honor those who gave their lives defending our nation, support our veterans and families of the fallen, and teach our children the values of service.

Of what achievements are you especially proud?

I am most proud of my family in their response to our great loss when Travis was killed in combat. Despite tremendous grief, they responded with love and respect for the many families of the fallen, our veterans, and those who continue to serve. Being involved with the Travis Manion Foundation has provided an avenue for myself, my wife Susan, and our children Chris, Emma, and Jacob to show our appreciation for those who serve and have sacrificed so much. The 9/11 Heroes Run started in Doylestown, PA as a desire to show that appreciation. As the original race directors, we have had overwhelming support along the way. Over 50 Heroes Runs have taken off around the country, and it has been encouraging to see the sense of community, unity and patriotism surrounding these events and the Travis Manion Foundation as a whole.