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Jill Crosson, headshot

Jill Crosson, DO, MBA

Sports Medicine Institute
Orthobiologics, Sports Medicine

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Jill Crosson, headshot

Jill Crosson, DO, MBA

Specialties: Orthobiologics, Sports Medicine

Jill Crosson, DO, MBA - Sports Medicine Physician

Specializing in Sports Medicine & Orthobiologics
Sports Medicine Institute, Family Practice


How did you become interested in medicine?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to become a doctor. I had a terrific pediatrician and was influenced by him.

When did you decide to specialize in sports medicine/PRP/concussions?

I have always been an athlete. My husband and I love to compete in sports whether it is playing basketball, football, bowling or anything in between. I began my career in orthopedic surgery, but realized I would rather see patients in the office full time rather than in the operating room. I was drawn to sports medicine because of this. I also enjoy the primary care aspect, for example, educating patients in healthy living and nutrition, women’s health, and concussion management. I’m excited to continue my ultrasound training to assist in PRP and prolotherapy injections.

What are common conditions you treat? Is there anything patients can do to avoid developing these conditions?

As a sports medicine physician, I see a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions in patients of all age groups. I enjoy the variety; it never gets boring! I try to educate people to live a healthy lifestyle for example: eat well, stay fit, keep a healthy weight, and maintain flexibility and core strength.

What do you like best about working with your patients?

I love listening to each patient’s story. I am so grateful to work with athletes of all levels. I can relate to their position and feel fortunate I can hopefully help them get better in some way.

What do you like best about working for OAA?

The people are incredible. There is such a great support system. I am extremely confident in my colleagues and appreciate that I can continue to learn from each of them.

Where are you from, originally, and how did you come to live in the Lehigh Valley?

I am originally from Wayne, NJ. My position at OAA has allowed me to return to the Lehigh Valley after playing basketball at Muhlenberg. It is great to be back!

If you were not a sports medicine physician, what would you be doing?

I think I would like to be in the FBI or sports commentary. Quite a range!

How do you apply your experience as a physician to the rest of your life?

I try to live a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and working out on a regular basis. I enjoy CrossFit and running with our dog. I want to continue to improve myself by challenging my mind and body. I also get plenty of practice at home by taking care of all my husband’s sports injuries!

Of what achievements are you especially proud?

Having played basketball through college, I’ve never considered myself a runner. I have since finished 3 marathons and multiple half marathons and triathlons. I helped motivate a friend to finish a half marathon after not being able to run one full mile at the start of training. Through the process we ran with Team in Training. Over the past few years, I have raised over $10,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.