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March 01, 2016

OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Michael

Michael had an unusual shoulder injury that caused his shoulder to dislocate almost every time he raised his arm. Nonsurgical treatment options failed to rectify his situation, so Dr. Robert Palumbo performed surgery on Michael's shoulder. Now, Michael is looking forward to returning to the football field this fall!

March 01, 2016

Trusting What You Read on the Internet

Do you trust Dr. Google? The Internet is a great resource for medical information, but it can also be inaccurate or misinterpreted. 

January 11, 2016

OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Andy

Andy had an unsuccessful knee replacement done outside of OAA Orthopaedic Specialists, and was in need of a revision after his original surgeon told him "there was nothing more he could do." His friend suggested that he seek out care from Dr. Paul Pollice of OAA's Joint Replacement Center. Today, he is thankful his friend gave him the recommendation!

December 01, 2015

OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Walt

Walt, a Grammy nominated musician, was experiencing some difficulties as a result of trigger finger. Read his story to learn how Dr. McDaid was able to get him back to performing without worrying about his hands. 

November 01, 2015

OAA Patient Ambassador: Meet Gregg

Gregg is our November Patient Ambassador. He suffered from severe back and leg pain, as well as the inability to walk until Dr. Amir Fayyazi of OAA's Spine Center of Excellence performed lumbar laminectomy and lumbar fusion.   

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I am very pleased with the care and treatment I have received. I am pain free which is a wonderful feeling.

– Karen