Mission, Vision, Core Values

Our History

OAA is the oldest, private orthopaedic practice in the area dating back to 1970. We first opened our doors at 17th and Chew Street in Allentown and were led by former President and Founder, Dr. Peter Keblish. It was at this location and because of Dr. Keblish that our reputation for excellence began. Dr. Peter Keblish, was an extremely accomplished and internationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon, who specialized in hip and knee replacement. He was recognized as one of the major contributers to the development of mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty (otherwise known as total knee replacement) and in 1971, was the first surgeon in the Lehigh Valley to perform a total joint replacement procedure. 
OAA's first location, 17th and Chew, Allentown, PA
Over the years our practice has grown geographically, offering locations in Allentown, Bethlehem and Lehighton, and we continue to increase the number of providers, musculoskeletal specialties, and employees at OAA, while maintaining our commitment to excellent patient care. 


Our Mission:

At OAA Orthopaedic Specialists, our mission is to provide comprehensive orthopaedic care to individuals of all ages, using a physician-led approach that is dedicated to convenience, cost effectiveness, quality, and passion, with the common goal of improving our patients’ lives.  

Our Vision:

OAA Orthopaedic Specialists’ vision is to be the region’s first choice in orthopaedic care and to provide the ideal environment that allows our patients, our physicians, and our employees to thrive.  

Our Core Values:

OAA is driven by several core values. These values represent why we do what we do, and what you can expect when you walk through our doors.
  • Quality Care: Since our founding in 1970, OAA's commitment to quality healthcare and patient outcomes has been the foundation of the trust we've earned in our region. 
  • Cost-Effective Care: We value our competitive advantage of providing the most cost-effective care by offering our patients access to a wide variety of high quality resources and treatment options that are most appropriate for their specific injury or ailment. 
  • Physician Driven: Our physician driven approach to healthcare sets our delivery of care apart from other healthcare organizations. 
  • Convenience: By placing a simultaneous emphasis on quality and convenience, OAA enables our patients to receive superior quality care in a reasonable amount of time, at a location close to home. 
  • Passion​: There is no greater source of passion than helping a patient overcome an injury or ailment and having them thank you for being a partner in their health. 
  • Honesty: Our patients deserve a physician-patient relationship that emphasizes that importance of honest and open communication. 
  • Patient Experience: We focus on putting our patients' well-being first and foremost, and are committed to always doing what is in their best interest.  

I've been coming to OAA since 2008. The experience has been out of this world. Each one of the doctors has been great at each visit and each procedure. I recommend OAA to all my friends and family.

– Heather