Michael A. Krafczyk, M.D.


Specialist In:

  • Sports Medicine Institute
  • Family Practice
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  • Education
    • Undergraduate

      • Bucknell University
        Lewisburg, PA

      Medical School

      • Temple University School of Medicine
        Philadelphia, PA

      Residency – Family Medicine

      • Dewitt Army Community Hospital
        Fort Belvoir, VA

      Fellowship – Primary Care Sports Medicine

      • St. Luke’s University Health Network
        Bethlehem, PA


        • Pennsylvania licensed acupuncturist

      Board Certifications

        • American Board of Family Medicine
        • Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine

      Professional Associations

        • American Academy of Family Physicians
        • American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
        • Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians
        • American College of Sports Medicine
        • Eastern Orthopaedic Association
  • FAQ
    • Q. How did you become interested in medicine?

      A. Through injuries I had during my career as a competitive runner I became interested in the different aspects of sports medicine. I then shadowed a podiatrist and really enjoyed watching him evaluate and treat patients.

      Q. When did you decide to specialize in sports medicine?

      A. I always had an interest in sports medicine but decided to do family medicine as I did not enjoy surgery. As a family physician I always enjoyed caring for athletes. So when the opportunity to do a fellowship in sports medicine presented itself I jumped on it.

      Q. What about Acupuncture/PRP/Concussions?

      A. I have always been interested in complementary ways of treating injuries that are not responsive to conventional medicine. One of the most frustrating aspects of medicine for me is not getting people better. As a result of this I have got additional training in acupuncture and prolotherapy/PRP so that I could offer my patients less conventional treatment options. As for concussions it is part of our training in primary care sports medicine. In addition the field is evolving so rapidly I enjoy evaluating and offering concussion patients cutting edge treatment that has recently been instituted.

      Q. What are common conditions you treat? Is there anything patients can do to avoid developing these conditions?

      A. I treat any non-surgical musculoskeletal condition. In addition I do treat concussions and exercise-induced asthma.

      As for avoiding injury I am a big advocate of strength and conditioning exercises to help keep the body strong and therefore lessen the chance of injury. In addition, especially with concussions, I advocate for safe play. That is abiding by the rules of the sport and wearing appropriate protective equipment. Lastly, especially in youth sports, rest is an important aspect of keeping healthy. All athletes should have a period of time where they rest from their primary sport.

      Q. What do you like best about working with your patients?

      A. The best part of my job is meeting and talking with people of all ages and walks of life. It has always amazed me how a patient that I do not know can come in and open up to me about what is going on in their life. It is a unique aspect of the physician-patient relationship. In addition I enjoy getting people back to their prior activity level.

      Q. What do you like best about working for OAA?

      A. The team approach and quality of care provided by this organization. Having worked at other organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley this is the only orthopedic group that I have found that has this team approach and does not push patients through like an assembly line. I truly believe all the members of the healthcare team at OAA are committed to providing a good experience and optimal care to all patients.

      Q. Where are you from, originally, and how did you come to live in the Lehigh Valley?

      A. I grew up in Coopersburg, PA. I had been away from the area during my training and paying back my time in the military. My wife is from Bucks County so when I was done in the military we wanted to come back to the area to be near our families.

      Q. If you were not a sports medicine physician, what would you be doing?

      A. If I was not in medicine I would probably have gone into marine biology or archaeology. In addition I do enjoy woodworking and would have consider furniture building.

      Q. How do you apply your experience as a physician to the rest of your life?

      A. I have found that the principles of doing no harm, treating every patient as unique individual and setting priorities are aspects of a physician that apply well to the rest of my life.

      Q. Of what achievements are you especially proud?

      A. The achievements I am most proud of are my commitment to being a good father and husband. In addition finishing third at states in cross country and having served in the military are achievements I am proud of.

  • Reviews

A native of the Lehigh Valley, Dr. Michael Krafczyk was a local student athlete at Southern Lehigh where he participated in track and cross country. As a member of their hall of fame for having finished third at states in cross country, Dr. Krafczyk learned the value of sports medicine at a young age.
Dr. Krafczyk is one of the few physicians in the Lehigh Valley that offers regenerative medicine treatment options; including platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy. Dr. Krafczyk has the distinction of being an affiliate of Bluetail Medical Group – a nationally renowned leader in the practice and advancement of orthopaedic regenerative medicine. In addition to regenerative medicine, he also utilizes complementary treatments such as acupuncture and prolotherapy when appropriate.
Dr. Krafczyk enjoys helping patients return to their sport or activity of choice and has a keen interest in treating endurance athletes. Dr. Krafczyk also has professional interests in medical conditions in sports, such as concussions and exercise-induced asthma.  He has published many articles, presented on numerous occasions, and has been honored for his expertise and teaching.
In his free time Dr. Krafczyk enjoys quality time with his family, traveling, woodworking, and of course, sports.
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Michael A. Krafczyk
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