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Lawrence Weiss, headshot

Lawrence Weiss, MD

Elbow / Arm, Hand / Wrist
Hand & Upper Extremity

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Lawrence Weiss, headshot

Lawrence Weiss, MD

Specialties: Hand & Upper Extremity

Lawrence Weiss, MD - Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist

Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist
Elbow / Arm, Hand / Wrist

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How did you become interested in medicine and when did you decide to specialize in orthopaedics - specifically hand surgery?

I first knew I wanted to become a doctor when I was 3 years old. My grandmother had a scar on her chest from open heart surgery and I told her "I am going to fix that one day". Since then, and still now, I have always had an interest in the human body and how it works.
I knew I wanted to go into orthopaedic surgery as my love for anatomy developed in college and continued forward while I trained in medical school. I have a deep appreciation for the relationships of bones, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and tendons working together to enable human function. From a subspecialty standpoint, hand surgery has offered me the ability to develop an expertise in the treatment of all of these anatomical concerns.

What are common conditions you treat?

Traumatic injuries: hand, wrist and elbow (acute management as well as reconstruction).
Nerve entrapment conditions: carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy.
Tendinopathies: DeQuervain's tendonitis, trigger finger and tennis elbow.
Arthritis: elbow, wrist and hand (surgical management).

What do you like best about working with your patients?

I enjoy being exposed to the variety of conditions I treat together with the variability of individuals for these conditions. This enables me to introduce people to their specific affliction, but doing so in a way that is specific for their needs and expectations.

What do you like best about working for OAA?

I enjoy knowing that excellent specialty care is being offered, not just by my hand partners, but also by my other partners in care. Everyone is focused on delivering the best possible medical care possible, which is very reassuring to me as a doctor.

How did you come to live and work in the Lehigh Valley?

I started practice in the Lehigh Valley in 2000. I am not originally from the area, and at that time was unfamiliar with the culture and surroundings. Since this time, I have seen the area grow significantly, including the areas healthcare delivery.

If you were not an orthopaedic surgeon, what would you be doing?

I came very close to accepting a spot in general surgery to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Of what achievements are you especially proud?

I have a loving wife and four wonderful children...this is my greatest achievement. I am given the greatest of gifts professionally everyday simply seeing patients achieve their goals of functional restoration and personal happiness.